Clients Are Saying . . .


"Don't even think of training with Lili unless you are willing to work hard at improving your fitness level, strength and flexibility. 
She won't let you get away with any attitude or sloppy form. Each second of every session is hands-on and supervised like a hawk. She has the knowledge and ability to work around any injury while still optimizing your workouts. There is no better trainer in Canada and one of the best in North America. I'm lucky to have found her."
Dr. A. Chaiton 


"I have been going to Lili Viola Pilates since November 2015 and it just keeps getting better and better. For my entire adult life, I have taken exercise classes of every variety known to mankind. So I had begun to think of myself as someone who was well versed in the ways of exercise. But Lili brings moving your body to a whole new level of fine! I have never experienced such dramatic improvement in what I am able to do in terms of strength and flexibility. Lili is an incredibly vigilant, patient teacher. But she knows that 'if you can, you must', and so makes sure to push us to our best effort. This has become a fantastic addiction!"
Daniela Tiger

"Working with Abby at Lili Viola Pilates has been the best fitness decision and investment I've made in years. I feel it and see it. The whole team at the studio has been terrific. I'm addicted."
Rebecca Lockwood

"The first time I walked in…I was greeted with friendly smiles and a clean, fresh studio. After some introductory private lessons, I started group classes. The instructors push us so we get the most out of their classes and they’re able to keep challenging us, even when group lessons include first-timers. I learn something new every class! I honestly didn't know how much I'd enjoy working out at the studio and through the expertise, generosity, positive reinforcement and attitude of every instructor and employee, I've learned to love Pilates. I feel great! In only a few months, my posture, flexibility and coordination have improved. I’m stronger, my muscle tone has increased, and have fewer aches and pains. I’ve started taking yoga at LV now too."
Eden Spodek

"Loved my session with Julia. She is beyond words... and I feel so very lucky to be working with her. Lili you have created a very special environment for your clients and instructors...Your light shines through brilliantly!!!!"
Dorothy Etherington

"I absolutely love Lili Viola Pilates! The studio is so clean and bright and has state of the art equipment. Lili is such a positive and patient teacher, I participate in both the group classes and a weekly one-on-one session. I have found doing Classical Pilates amazing; my body feels stronger and more toned."
Kelly Osler

"Every teacher needs a teacher and I go to Lili Viola Pilates for tough sessions that keep me honest in my own practice. ...One thing that clients may not know about Lili is her dedication to ongoing training and learning from 1st and 2nd generation teachers- this is just another thing that makes her great! She has really enriched the Pilates community in Toronto by opening the first Classical Pilates Studio and bringing in world class teachers for workshops and training. Expect to sweat and work hard with Lili and her teachers." 
Dorothy Leung, Registered Kinesiologist
Pilates Instructor