Our Services

We offer you private lessons, semi-private lessons, and group classes with a limit of 5 participants to maximize individual attention. 



Private lessons are all about you! A certified teacher will lead you through a 55-minute full-body workout incorporating any of the apparatus in the studio.

Private lessons provide a customized high-energy workout that will give you results. Whether you are an elite athlete, a novice to fitness, healthy, or recovering from an injury, one-on-one instruction will meet all your needs, keep you safe, and propel you to the next level of fitness!


You and a friend can enjoy a tailored workout suited to your fitness level, while motivating each other to stay active.

In each 55-minute lesson, a certified teacher will lead you through a series of exercises on any of the apparatus in the studio. A fun and affordable way to get the full Pilates experience.


New students signing up for group classes must begin at the basic level. We want to ensure that every body is capable of executing the exercises taught, and able to safely handle the resistance of our apparatus.  Mastery of the basic level exercises will ensure a smooth and safe transition to higher levels.

  • Basic: Beginners welcome! Slow enough to focus on proper execution, but challenging enough that you feel the burn. Learn the foundations of good movement patterns in the body.
  • Intermediate: Dynamic stability will kick in with the increased pace. Greater flexibility and control are required to move through more planes of motion while under load.
  • Men's: A traditional men's only workout designed by Joseph Pilates. Stretch tight areas, strengthen the powerhouse, and challenge the upper body.

  • Basic: A full body workout that emphasizes core stability and strength. The moving carriage of the Reformer challenges balance and control. Safe for beginners.
  • Intermediate: A fluid workout for the strong and more experienced student.  Mastery of the basic level is a prerequisite as a number of the exercises require control of the moving carriage while balancing on one leg or arm. Shoulder injuries must remain at basic level until rehabilitated.
  • Level 1: A vigorous, fast paced hour-long core workout that takes you through the foundational movements of Joe Pilates’ entire system of contrology. In this class you will go through both the foundational reformer and mat sequences with additional apparatus work.
  • Level 2: A full body workout that builds upon your knowledge of the Pilates system by incorporating more advanced exercises at a faster pace on both the reformer and mat to continue challenging your core and build your strength. 

A challenging 45-minute core workout that introduces you the foundational pilates mat exercises created by Joe Pilates. Provides you with an excellent strength and flexibility workout with which you will build upon in the later levels.


This is an advanced level class for experienced Pilates practitioners. It teaches the traditional 34 exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in his 1945 published book Return to Life.  It may also throw in some Romana variations and use of the Magic Circle, hand weights, and small barrels to add variety and fun as well as to increase the challenge to the Powerhouse muscles.  The pace is fast. Control and concentration are prerequisites to ensure proper form and safety. Do not attend if you have a neck injury.


We offer a variety of Yoga classes, from Ashtanga and Vinyasa, to Kripalu and Yin Yoga.

Our Yoga room on the lower level of the studio, features a radiant-heated floor. The warmth of the floor is welcoming and relaxing, helping tight muscles ease into the movements. We provide all of the props you will need: mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets and meditation cushions.

The environment is welcoming, serene, and private.