At Lili Viola Pilates, we offer one-on-one instruction, semi-private instruction, and small group classes with lots of individual attention. 

Our group classes are divided into the following levels: basic, intermediate, and intermediate/advanced. These levels are put in place to help you progress safely within your limits, and to maintain flow for the other participants in the class.



The mat work was first introduced in 1945 by Joseph Pilates in his book Return to Life Through Contrology. In it, Pilates gives specific instruction for 34 exercises, which if done daily as instructed, will flush out the body of toxins, invigorate the body and mind, balance the musculature of the body, and restore the practitioner to health and well being.

We teach the mat work as it was created and intended by Joseph Pilates.

Since people present with various abilities and handicaps, our group mat classes are divided into the following levels:
  • Basic - The first thing to know is that basic does not mean "easy". This class teaches the foundations of the system. In it participants will learn to engage their powerhouse muscles (often referred to as the core). Abdominal strength is developed. Recruitment of glutes and inner thighs is learned. The principles of stability during mobility is emphasized. Proper articulation of joints is taught. This level is suitable for beginners, yet even experienced students may wish to revisit the basics from time to time.
  • Intermediate - Once mastery of the basics is demonstrated, the student may progress to this more challenging class. The pace is picked up, and new and more difficult exercises are introduced. Due to the vigorous pace of the class, it is imperative participants have developed the mind-body awareness necessary to ensure proper form throughout.
  • Intermediate/Advanced - At this level we introduce the inversion exercises as well as those involving balance and requiring greater coordination. The pace is fast, but control and concentration must be exercised to ensure proper execution and safety. This class is not open to anyone with acute neck injuries. All 34 original mat exercises are taught in their proper sequence in 45 minutes.



The Tower/Wall Unit is spring-loaded for resistance training. The closed-kinetic chain created by the apparatus ensures proper alignment, therefore correcting imbalances and ensuring even muscle development. The assistance and resistance of the equipment provides support while challenging the body, making it a perfect introduction to the Pilates system for the beginner. Posture is corrected, muscles are lengthened and strengthened.

At our studio we offer three levels of Tower classes:
  • Basic Tower: Beginners are welcome! Stabilize your spine, strengthen your core, and work your shoulders, arms, stomach, buttocks, hips, and legs. Pace is slow enough to ensure proper form, and to begin to develop endurance. 
  • Intermediate Tower: This class adds on more complex exercises, and moves at a more vigorous pace. A strong mind-body connection is necessary to ensure safe handling of the apparatus and proper movement patterns. 
  • Men's Tower: This class is just for guys. It stretches tight areas, and strengthens the powerhouse, as well as providing a more challenging upper body workout. Includes some of Joseph Pilates' men's only exercises. We recommend that new clients first sign up for the basic tower class to learn the foundations.



Two participants at similar fitness levels are required for booking a semi-private lesson.

In each 55-minute long lesson, students will work through a series of exercises on the Reformer suitable to their level. The Reformer is a spring-loaded machine with a moving platform. The Reformer teaches stability, and strengthens and stretches muscles, restoring them to their proper length. As its name implies, it reforms the body, correcting faulty movement patterns. Additional exercises on the chairs, tower wall units, and/or barrels may be incorporated.


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Private lessons are all about you! Specific needs and goals are met, while challenges are addressed. One-on-one sessions get full use of any of the apparatus in the studio. These are full-body, vigorous workouts with non-stop supervision and hands-on corrections, ensuring optimal form and execution for guaranteed results. Safe for all fitness levels, ages, abilities, chronic conditions and even non-acute injuries, provided these have been cleared for exercise by a physician.