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Authentic to the Core

We exist to provide every student with a complete and authentic Pilates experience, teaching the body to move in an athletic and harmonious way, the mind to control the movement of the body, and the spirit to soar and find calm.

Having learned the system from as close to the source as possible, our teachers strive to stay true to the work of Joseph Pilates through whole-body workouts that deliver results. 

We are set apart by our complete selection of apparatus, our unparalleled comprehensive teacher training, and our dedication to preserving the art and science of Contrology, now known as Pilates.

Clients are Saying ...

"Lili has the knowledge and ability to work around any injury while still optimizing your workouts. There is no better trainer in Canada and one of the best in North America. I'm lucky to have found her."
- A. Chaiton, Rheumatologist

"How lucky is Toronto to FINALLY have a fully Authentic Pilates Studio with Gratz Apparatus?! You will not find better Pilates anywhere in the GTA than right here!"
- Cara Hazelton,
 Authentic Pilates Canada

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