January is for Detoxing!

Join our New Year Detox Reset

It's time!
Time to lose the bloated puffy feeling and feel great again!
It's time for the Detox Reset.

Here's how it works. We'll meet for 3 consecutive Wednesday nights full of education, support, food demos and Q&A.

A 7-day real food detox is built into the middle week. Don't worry, you won't just be juicing and drinking herbal concoctions (unless you want to). This Detox Reset is done with real whole foods and you'll be given all the recipes and shopping lists to make everything as easy as possible. If you joined us last year, the recipes will all be new this time around!

Each week we'll talk about different aspects of health including common digestive issues and how to fix them, how to support the daily detoxing our bodies do all the time, and why something like this Detox Reset is an important addition, why you might want to integrate some intermittent fasting (and how to do it so you don't send your hormones into a tail-spin), why toxins are a problem for the brain, what about the ketogenic diet, and how blood sugar regulation is crucial for healthy aging and vitality. Don't worry, we'll also talk about post-detox strategies for the REAL world too to help you transition back into life after detoxing.

The community and support the group enjoys each week is what makes this Detox Reset really work.  You could do this on your own, but the group aspect helps us all with accountability, shared challenges, encouragement and inspiration.

This detox sold out last year so please be sure to save your place by contacting Front Desk either in person, by phone at 416-781-4100, or by email at frontdesk@liliviolapilates.com

One more thing. This detox is for everyone!



"Being under Jill's care for three weeks was the was way to embrace the new season - new recipes my whole family loved and an entire reframing of how to boost energy and overall vitality - all this in a fun group setting made it the easiest commitment yet of my new year. Count me in for the next one!" ~ AL



"I never thought that so much could change for the better in 7 days. This is not a 'scary' detox but an easy way to make changes for the better. Sign me up for next year!" ~ MV


"No more bloating - hurray!"


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Meeting Wednesdays January 23, 30,  February 6 from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Cost: $137.00 + HST

Spaces are limited. Last year's Detox sold out! Sign up today!