The Pilates System

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system that unifies the body, mind, and spirit. Its founder, Joseph Pilates, called his system Contrology, the art and science of control. Students of Pilates learn to engage the mind to control and correct their physical movements while working with and against resistance, from body-weight and from machines.

To reap all of the benefits of Pilates, it is best to experience it as a complete system, incorporating mat work as well as exercises done on the various apparatus.


Traditional Pilates mat work consists of 34 full-body movements done in a specific order, with control, precision, fluidity, and ease.

The mat exercises, when done in their entirety, are very challenging and are geared toward the advanced student. Clients who are familiar with our system and who have been assessed are welcome to join us in the Advanced Classical Mat group classes.

We also offer a group class suitable for beginners called Mat Foundations, in which the basic and basic/intermediate level exercises are introduced. 

Joseph Pilates invented the apparatus to offer assistance and resistance, and correct imbalances. The apparatus changes how the body moves, teaching it balance, and symmetry, as well as strengthening it and helping it become more flexible.

Each apparatus teaches specific skills sets. Whatever your goals are, there is an "app" for that!

We offer group apparatus  classes on Reformers, Towers, Barrels, and Pedi Poles, and bring in the smaller pieces such as  the Push-Up Devices, Magic Circles, Toe Exercisers, and more!



Our Complete Selection of Apparatus

Cadillac/Wall Unit Towers
High/Electric Chair
Wunda Chair
Arm/Baby Chair
Ladder Barrel
Spine Corrector
Baby Barrel
Pedi Pole
Airplane Board
Neck Stretcher
Foot Corrector
Toe Exerciser
Bean Bag Roll-Up Devices
Push Up Devices
Magic Circles