The LVP Teacher Training 600-Hour Certification Program



Are you passionate about Pilates? Would you like to share this passion with others and help them live their best possible life? Are you interested in getting farther in your own Pilates practice and exploring the system in its entirety? Then you should consider joining our certification program. At LVP we pride ourselves in preserving the original work of Joseph Pilates and handing it down as Joe did. Our teachers bear direct lineage to Joseph Pilates and stay true to his vision and design. Our teacher training program covers the entire system over 600 hours and prepares its graduates to confidently teach the work to any client at any fitness level.

The curriculum is presented over three weekend seminars.

The 2018 seminar dates are as follows:

The Basic System: March 2, 3, 4
The Intermediate System: June 8, 9, 10
The Advanced System: September 14, 15, 16

After each seminar weekend, apprentices must log a minimum of 200 hours of:

  • Observation 
  • Self-practice
  • Practice teaching

Apprentices test out at

  • 200 hours - basic level
  • 400 hours - intermediate level
  • 600 hours - advanced level


LVP Teacher Training 600-Hour Certification Program $7050

Assessment/Deposit Fee $150  


  • 3 seminars covering the basic, intermediate and advanced systems
  • Comprehensive manuals covering all of the exercises
  • Weekly apprentice meetings and workshops
  • Written and practical tests at 200, 400 and 600 hours
  • Mentorship by Lili and senior teachers
  • Access to the studio for observation, self-practice, and practice teaching hours. 


1 group class per week at LVP

1 private lesson per week at LVP

$150 to retake a practical or written test.


The LVP Teacher Training Program provides an intimate setting in which apprentices and teachers develop a strong bond. You will learn from Lili herself what she was handed down from her teachers, Brooke Siler and Chris Robinson, who were taught by 1st generation teachers Romana Kryzanowska and Jay Grimes, who in turn were taught directly by Joseph Pilates. This intimate mentorship provides plenty of opportunities to develop a deep understanding of the work and produces highly skilled and confident teachers.

LVP also boasts a fully equipped studio featuring all of the apparatus that Joseph Pilates designed. Apprentices will be trained on the Reformer, Cadillac, Guillotine, Pedi Pole, Electric/High Chair, Wunda Chair, Arm Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Baby Barrel, the Mat, and all of the small accessory apparatus.


If you are interested in the LVP Teacher Training Program, you should be proficient in Pilates at an intermediate level, to ensure you are strong enough to to do all of the exercises taught. A minimum of 50 hours of classical Pilates experience (in both group classes and private lessons) is recommended before embarking on the program. Applicants will need to demonstrate their readiness by doing an Intermediate level Reformer workout to be admitted.


To apply for the next LVP Teacher Training Program, please email 

Spaces are limited to 10 apprentices per year.

The 2019 dates will be posted soon.