Your safety is our priority.

Mat 1

Begin with the foundational mat exercises to build a strong and connected core. Learn how to hold your head up high, keep a straight posture, strengthen your girdle to support your back, and get rid of stiffness that can lead to pain. Safe for beginners who do not have any injuries or conditions that preclude them from regular exercise.

Reformer 1

The Reformer is where 90% of people begin their apparatus practice. It holds you in place while providing feedback and teaches your body how  to move with grace and efficiency. Between the Mat and the Reformer, you will be on your way to better movement patterns and improved posture. Safe for beginners who do not have any injuries or conditions that preclude them from regular exercise.

Tower 1

Following a mat warm-up, you will work your core body, arms and legs with the springs on the Wall Unit Tower. Learn proper techniques for lengthening the spine and releasing tension from the muscles, while increasing flexibility. Safe for beginners who do not have any injuries or conditions that preclude them from regular exercise.

Circuit 1

Once you are familiar with Mat 1,  Reformer 1, and Tower 1, you are ready to be challenged with a faster paced workout incorporating the entire system. This class takes you through a circuit incorporating as much of the apparatus as possible for a full-body sweat session.

Mat 2

Continue to learn and build upon the mat sequence of exercises. At this level your body will be lead through many more planes of movement, challenging flexibility and stability, and deepening the core body connection. The spine will move through flexion, extension, side bending and twisting movements. Prerequisite: Mat 1.

Reformer 2

Learn more exercises on the Reformer, including some inversions. Challenge your sense of balance with standing exercises on the moving carriage. Build upper body strength with planks and arm exercises that work the springs. Prerequisite: Reformer 1, Tower 1, Mat 1, and Circuit 1. Some clients benefit from private lessons to transition to this level. 

Tower 2

Following a vigorous and fast paced mat warmup, continue to build upon the sequence of exercises taught on the Wall Unit Tower. New exercises include inversions, higher level leg and arm spring exercises, and greater spinal mobility exercises. Prerequisite: Mat 1 & 2, Reformer 1, Circuit 1.

Circuit 2

For strong clients who are very familiar with all the preceding classes. This fast paced and tough workout will take you through the entire system at the intermediate level. Prerequisite: Mat 1 & 2, Reformer 1 & 2, Circuit 1 and Circuit 1-2.

Mat 3

This class teaches all of the original 34 Mat exercises designed by Joseph Pilates. It is fast paced. Your body will move through numerous inversions combined with rotation, flexion and/or extension.  Prerequisite: Mat 1 & 2 and any level 1 & 2 apparatus classes. No neck or back injuries.

Reformer 3

This class teaches the advanced level Reformer exercises in their proper order. This workout will challenge your stability, strength, symmetry, stamina, and speed. A very strong mind-body connection is required in order to control the body under the load of the springs and the movement of the carriage. Prerequisite: Reformer 1 & 2, Mat 1 & 2, and all other Level 2 classes.

Men's Tower

This class leads men through a challenging and fast-paced intermediate to advanced level workout on the Wall Unit Tower, and introduces many of the upper body exercises Joseph Pilates designed just for the male physique. Prerequisite: Mat 1 & 2, Tower 1 & 2, and any Circuit classes.