Staying Committed for the Long Run

 My husband of 21 years and I just returned from a second honeymoon in Jamaica. We had a fantastic time together. The weather was perfect, the people friendly, the food delicious, the setting spectacular. What more could we want?
It seemed like just a little while ago that we were on our actual honeymoon, on another island in the Caribbean. Yet several career changes, house moves and three children later, there is no doubt that a lot of time has lapsed. And yet, the flames are still kindled.

When something's good, it's worth working at. And so it is with the body and movement. I often hear about other Pilates teachers getting bored teaching the same thing, or Pilates practitioners tiring of doing the same exercises and looking for the next fitness craze. Personally, I couldn't imagine giving up my Pilates in order to chase another exercise routine. That isn't to say I won't do anything but Pilates. But Pilates is what I do to stay strong and flexible so that I can enjoy using my body in many other ways.

During my Jamaican vacation, I did Pilates daily on the beach. It didn't take me long. I didn't need a class to be scheduled in the fitness studio of the resort. I simply woke early each morning and headed down to the beach where I rolled out my towel on the sand and went through my mat work. Twenty minutes and I was done. Always following the same sequence of the original 34 exercises. Did I get bored? On the contrary, this made me feel centred, focused, mentally and physically in tune with my body. I had a point of reference. How did one day's session feel in comparison to the previous day's? Could I perform a particularly challenging exercise with greater ease and precision?

I also found that my daily practice left me wanting to do more physically, and this is where variety kicked in. I tried paddle boarding for the first time. And incorporated my Pilates practice onto the paddle board. I also learned how to water ski. I don't think I would have had such an easy time learning these new sports if it wasn't for Pilates.

It was the same when I took up downhill skiing 5 years ago when my children started to take lessons. My instructor was impressed with the speed at which I learned.

Things that are worth doing are worth doing well, and Pilates is the smartest way I know how to train my body. I will never tire of it. Variety and thrill seeking may come from other sources, but I'm into Pilates for the long haul because it is what allows my body to have the strength, stamina and flexibility to do whatever else I may fancy.

Staying married to the same person for 21 years and still feeling the love has taught me that commitment is not boring. It is empowering, liberating and it can open the door to new adventures and possibilities.