Getting ready for opening day!



It's a busy time of year for any of us, regardless of what you celebrate over the holidays! There are kids to contend with as school is out, presents to buy, homes to decorate, parties to attend and to host, driveways to shovel...The list never ends. But for me, it's been particularly busy as I look after all of the details that need looking after to get my studio ready to open for business in January.


The new floors are almost done. The walls are painted. The apparatus is on its way from Long Island, NY. The website is up and running and I'm getting quotes on signs. Every little check mark on my to-do list brings me one step closer to opening day: Monday, January 6.


So as you look back on 2013, on your hits or misses, and ahead to the goals you'd like to reach in 2014, know that I will be ready and waiting to welcome you into my studio just in time to start the New Year right.