My Pilates Mentors

Peter Fiasca, Cara Hazelton, me, Brooke Siler, Jay Grimes, Ray Kurshals


During my most recent trip to NYC (December 7 & 8), I had the privilege to attend two workshops at re:AB presented by 1st Generation Teacher and Pilates Elder, Jay Grimes. In the photo, from left to right, are Peter Fiasca, Cara Hazelton, myself, Brooke Siler, Jay Grimes and Ray Kurshals.

Jay proved to be a brilliant teacher, full of intuition and helpful advice, and sharing warm memories of working alongside Joe and Clara Pilates, and Romana Kryzanowska.

His workshops on teaching the beginner client, and working with imbalances, were informative, inspirational and challenging to say the least. I felt so fortunate to have met Jay in person and learn directly from a Master how authentic Pilates ought to be taught like, and what it ought to look like and feel like!

I was also humbled and awed to be in the presence of not only Jay, but of Peter Fiasca, one of the leading authorities in Classical Pilates and a well respected teacher, presenter and author. I came away from this trip feeling lucky to be in the circle that I find myself in, supported in my journey into the original method.