Shareen was introduced to yoga in 1998 and since then it has been a transformative and informative force in her life. With honours degrees in philosophy and psychology from the University of Toronto, and great interest in ethics, environment, religion, wellness and Sanskrit, she offers to her yoga students much more than a physical challenge. Shareen recognizes that yoga practice involves much more than asana (physical poses) and passionately encourages students to explore and embrace the other 7 limbs of yoga in their practice and in their lives. Coming from a background of dance training, classical Pilates and competitive swimming, her style of teaching is a balanced fusion of creative sequencing, enjoyment of movement, anatomical correctness and athletic precision.

Shareen instructs the following:
  • Intermediate Reformer
  • A dynamic and flowing workout that will challenge you from head to toe. Mastery of the basic level is a prerequisite.

  • Basic Reformer
  • Learn the beginner sequence of exercises on the Reformer. A full body workout with emphasis on core stability and strength.

  • Yin Yang Yoga
  • The perfect balance for mind, body and spirit.

    Half of the class is Yin Yoga which focuses on flexibility, mindfulness and softness. Yin aspects of yoga focus on the deeper, denser tissues of the body - the joints, bones and connective tissues. We hold poses for longer periods, releasing into them with mindful awareness of the sensations and thoughts which arise.

    The other half of the class is Yang Yoga which focuses on strength, stamina and balance. Yang yoga is more of an active, dynamic flow of postures where the movements and breath are rhythmically connected. The poses and sequences will focus on the fitness of the muscles, skin, organs and blood.

  • Basic Mat & Tower
  • Beginners welcome! Slow enough to learn to do well, but challenging enough to feel the burn.

  • Intermediate Mat & Tower
  • This class introduces more complex exercises, and moves at a vigorous pace.

  • Intermediate Jumpboard Reformer